Λογότυπο Eταιρίας [302xX]

We offer the following payment methods in order to facilitate and serve our potential customers who wish to buy products from our store:

1. By cash via ELTA Courier

The final amount of your order, payable to the employee Courier Once the receive.

2. Transfer to a bank account of our company.

3. Pay at our store.

You can deposit the equivalent of shopping at any of the following of our accounts and send us by email or fax the bank deposit slip. In the repository, it is necessary to Enter motivated by your full name.

The banks accounts you can deposit the amount of your order are:

National Bank: IBAN: GR03 0110 0890 0000 0890 2288 268

Piraeus Bank: IBAN: GR62 0172 0320 0050 3207 9589 231

Eurobank:  IBAN: GR26 0260 2040 0002 1010 0878 840

Alpha Bank: IBAN: GR81 0140 1050 1050 0200 2023 413

The delivery methods are:

  1.     ELTA COURIER: The charge of the mission ELTA COURIER is 4 € for the first 5 pounds if you choose as payment the bank deposit and extra 2euro if you choose cash on delivery.
  2.     Send by carrier: The mission to transport company is under th proexoflisis your order to a bank account. The customer pays for the cost of transport depending on the carrier.
  3.     Delivery from the shop: For the delivery from the store, the payment can be done either to the store or bank deposit.

For any further information or clarification please contact us.

Telephone: 210-3221084, 210325163